Call for an end to Poverty and Inequality. Poverty is not an act of nature. It is caused by acts of man; both acts of commision of ommission
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We have the determination to take the path less traveled that will indeed make all the difference for the future of this vibrant society


The Seed Institute

"Its in our Hands"

We are a charitable organization whose mission is to inform, inspire, and mobilize community members to take action against poverty and inequality. 


A society in which citizens are parmanently vigillant over public life and civic institutions and engage in providing oversight to the management of politics and economy.



  1. Use multimedia communication to build public awareness on how they can engage with the process of development and implementation of policies governing management of public resources.
  2. Use of mass mobilization and social audit tools such as poverty hearings and score card
  3. We will work with other like minded organizations and partners pursue our goals.
  4. We shall try tapping into existing space and opportunities to advance our agenda i.e. align our work with the external environment to be able to access available resources e.g. developing a relationship with the media to get free air space, use of community halls, mobilizing in kind donations and grants  


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